Summer 2014 Cub Camp

Summer Camp started on Friday evening at Buddens Scout campsite with lots of excitement which meant the Cubs took some time to get to sleep.  Then the thunder and lightning and torrential rain started!  Everyone stayed dry overnight and started the day looking forward to lots of fun.

Saturday morning started off as planned building rafts, giving the Cubs a chance to use the square lashing skills we had been practicing before camp but just as we were about to go on the water, the heavens opened again!  This meant we had an early lunch and once the weather cleared we got our rafts on the water and they both floated!  Lots of games followed with who could stand up and do head , shoulders, knees and toes on their raft.  Well done to Mark and Ruben who were brilliant!

Finally the sun came out and we were able to get dry and after supper the chance to have our own world cup football match and then off to bed.

Sunday morning the sun shone and everyone had a chance to have a go on the Climbing wall with three Cubs being able to touch the ceiling of the Climbing barn, then off to abseiling.  Well done to everyone who really challenged themselves and had a go at everything.

Looking forward to Autumn camp in October for even more adventures.



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