Scouting continues despite Covid 19!

Covid 19 has not stopped us scouting and whilst we have not been able to meet Face To Face we have been offering Zoom meetings for all sections.

Beavers completed their International Badge, Lego Challenge and enjoyed team building games.

Cubs enjoyed made a cake in a mug and learnt water safety for their Personal Safety badge and the Codebusters escape rooms The Lost Diamond and Mystery of Winston Manor.

Scouts even lit fires at home and toasted marshmallows, thank you to the parents for supervising. They also had a Doughnut eating challenge thank you to Burns the Bread for the Doughnuts they were delicious.

Explorers as they were unable to go to London to take part in the Monopoly Run we ran a virtual game instead. They also enjoyed taking part in the Hogwarts Escape room and had a Minecraft evening.

We also arranged a virtual Drum work shop and an Army Wings virtual visit which was open to all sections.

The whole group took part in the Somerset County Virtual camp, camping in their own gardens and taking part in lots of activities.

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